Vanilla - bunk beds

Vanilla - bunk beds

Vanilla - bunk beds


Vanilla features bunk beds that sleeps two or even three in the space of just one bed, so your kids have more room to play. Its free-standing feature means you are not confined to just mounting the beds against the wall.

Value for money
Unlike locally made custom beds this one and all matching cabinetry can be dismantled and moved to any other address in the future so makes a great long term investment.

Our kids' beds are made in Italy, and this is just one of hundreds of combinations so please get in touch for more information and recommendation for a model to suit your kids' personality and needs.

More than just a bed, we offer a vast range of matching cabinetry and furniture to complement our kids beds range for a holistic look. 

Choose complementing colours and finish for the wardrobes, shelves, knobs and handles. You can even add a padded panel on the side of your wardrobe with little pockets to hold some of your precious possessions. 

Little details counts. Like having a fabric-covered safety rail that can be folded down for ease of changing bedsheets, functional steps with storage, plush cushions and rugs to complete the look.

Whether you want steps or ladders, two beds or three, a bookcase or drawers (or not) - it is entirely up to you. Let's customise away!

Dimensions in CM (Length x Width x Height):
D: 80/ 90cm

Price shown is for the example in the photos including two bunk beds, fabric covered safety rail, storage drawers underneath lower bed, and storage steps. Mattresses not included.