Tuckin ~ bunk-beds

Tuckin ~ bunk-beds

Tuckin ~ bunk-beds


Folding bunk beds

Spaceman products made in ItalyBunk-beds or double decker beds are great space savers already, what could be better? How about bunk-beds in London that fold away when not being used.

The Tuckin bunk beds come with safety bars and ladder and utilise the Spaceman soft open/soft close mechanism (see video below). With a folding bunk bed like this you get is all that floor space that bunk-beds take up to use for play, study or chilling out during waking hours.

The Tuckin bunk beds are entirely made in Italy in melamine, veneer or brightly coloured or muted paint lacquer finishes, with optional storage inside, shelves on top, lights, and folding headboards.

Thoughtfully designed the top bunk can be lowered to make access easier for changing the bedding.

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Price shown is for melamine finish.

Team them with optional matching furniture such as wardrobes, desk or bookshelves (as in the images) or have the bunk beds standalone. You can also add a fixed or folding desk to the front of the lower bunk.