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Stack ~ loft bed + desk/wardrobes

Stack ~ loft bed + desk/wardrobes

Stack ~ loft bed + desk/wardrobes


Newer apartments are being built with higher ceilings to make the smaller rooms feel less cramped. Take advantage of that extra height by combining your children's bed with a desk and or wardrobes.


Value for money
Unlike locally made custom beds this one and all matching cabinetry can be dismantled and moved to any other address in the future so makes a great long term investment.

Our kids' beds are made in Italy, and this is just one of hundreds of combinations so please get in touch for more information and recommendation for a model to suit your kids' personality and needs.

More than just a bed, we offer a vast range of matching cabinetry and furniture to complement our kids beds range for a holistic look. 

From the raindrops wallpaper to the whaley-cute rug, you can customise little accessories to complete the look of your bedroom. 

Choose your combination of desks and chairs for a cozy study corner and wall-mounted cabinets to store away books. 

With our easy-make system as shown you can lower the bed so it can be easily accessed for changing and tidying the bedding. You can also customise the fabric on the safety rail, and have a little pocket to place your favourite teddy. 

Dimensions in CM (Length x Width x Height):

Price shown is for the example in the photos including loft bed,wardrobe and shelves below. retractable desk and ladder, and drawers below the lower bed. Mattresses not included since we offer a range of mattresses at different price points.