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SlumberUp ~ Ceiling bed

SlumberUp ~ Ceiling bed

SlumberUp ~ Ceiling bed


When you need to move your bed out the way to open up your space, or want it to disappear completely now you can turn to the latest innovation in space saving beds, the SlumberUp ceiling bed.

This remarkable bed requires no motor or electrical connection, using a simple counterweight your bed glides effortlessly up to the ceiling. Automatically folding legs open when the bed is lowered and close when it is raised.

The SlumberUp can be placed anywhere in the room, it is ceiling and floor mounted so need not be placed against a wall, and is available in single (90 cm), double (140 cm), queen (152cm), king (180 cm) sizes.

Standard installations use a single post for support, a second post is used in some cases such as king sizes, or where the bed is not installed against a wall. The post can be boxed in to conceal it, and the bed can be raised into a space in a false ceiling to completely hide it.

Key features:

- Raises to the ceiling in seconds to free up all the space the bed takes up

- No need to tidy or put away the bedding

- Does not need to be against a wall, could be against a window or away from the wall

- Can be used with any type of mattress, any depth

- Ceiling heights 2.25 to 3.25m

- Sizes up to super king

- No motor, works with counterweight

- Child safety lock

- Can be dismantled and moved to another room or home