Cascade ~ bunk beds + desk

Cascade ~ bunk beds + desk

Cascade ~ bunk beds + desk


Cascade is one of the new Spaceman range of kids beds. Unlike our existing bunk beds these are bunk beds which store inside each other to save space.

Combined with a retractable desk, and retractable ladder this is a bunk bed that does not fill up your room, and is available in a large range of bright and cheery colours.

Value for money
Unlike locally made custom beds this one and all matching cabinetry can be dismantled and moved to any other address in the future so makes a great long term investment.

Our kids' beds are made in Italy, and this is just one of hundreds of combinations so please get in touch for more information and recommendation for a model to suit your kids' personality and needs.

More than just a bed, we offer a vast range of matching cabinetry and furniture to complement our kids beds range for a holistic look. 

Make use of the space above your bed and have a bridging wardrobe that gives you lots of storage space. Choose complementing colours and finish for the wardrobes, knobs and handles. 

Choose from beautiful options of fabric for the safety rail. 

Wall-mounted cabinets takes the mess off the floor and makes a room instantly bigger. Choose from Spaceman's range of rugs, ottomans and wallpapers to deck out the room in complementary colours. 

Dimensions in CM (Length x Width x Height):
D: 88/ 98cm

Price shown is for the example in the photos including two beds, retractable desk and ladder, and drawers below the lower bed. Mattresses not included.