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Heralding a new era of space saving transformer furniture. With shrinking apartments in metropolitan London, Singapore and Hong Kong, it is no longer space efficient to rely on single-purposed furniture that takes up the same amount of space as a multi-functional transformer furniture. Traditionally, a guest room and study takes up 2 separate rooms. However, with transformer furniture like the Slumberdesk Junior or Tuckin Single Murphy Bed, you can fully maximise the room with just a transformer furniture that converts one room into a guest room and study in Singapore.

Take a look at the highlights of Spaceman transformer furniture:

Transformer Furniture - Wall Beds

Beds take up a large amount of space and we might think it is fair because we use it for 8 hours daily. But for the remaining 12 hours, the space that the bed hogs remain unusable. With Spaceman’s range of space saving transformer wall beds, space can be put to better use - like having space in the bedroom to practice yoga, or having more room for pets and kids to move around. Some of Spaceman’s furniture that transforms also have dual functions by coupling it with shelves, desks and sofas

Spaceman transformer furniture wall bed to sofa

Transformer Furniture - Dining Tables

Dining tables take up so much space for a piece of furniture that we only use for a couple of hours everyday. Whatever your needs are, we have a wide range of transformer dining tables that are multi-functional and space saving for your London home.

Instead of buying two furniture that takes up more space in your home, you get more value for money and space by getting the Spaceman coffee tables that transform into dining tables

Spaceman transformer furniture coffee to dining table

If you don’t use the dining table on a daily basis but would still like to host family and friends on special occasions, you should consider transformer furniture like the Spaceman console to dining table. It functions as a svelte console table for entryways but transforms into a full length 2.8m dining table that can accommodate up to 14 people.

For families who uses the dining table regularly and host from time to time, this range of transformer furniture - extending dining tables will suit you to a tee. Taking up just the right amount of space for your daily lifestyle, but transforms to a bigger table that can accommodate more guests.

spaceman_transformer furniture_extending dining tables

From a mirror to a table, this smart transformer furniture is wall-mounted so it does not take up floor space when not in use and also functions as a mirror to visually enlarge the room. 

Spaceman transformer furniture mirror to table pic

Transformer Furniture - Sofa Beds with Real Mattress

Your guests will be blown away when you pull out the Spaceman range of sofa beds. Not only does it transform from a sofa to a bed with a simple pull, it comes with a real mattress and an orthopaedic slatted base for a really good night’s rest. There’s one in every size - from single to queen and there is even one model of sofa bed that transforms into bunk beds!

Spaceman transformer furniture slumbersofa sofa bed