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Spaceman is proud to be the space saving specialist in Singapore, Hong Kong and London. With an exclusive range of space saving hidden beds, murphy beds, tables, and compact kitchens we have the most innovative yet affordable solutions to your space constraints.

London homes are continuing to get smaller, and space saving thinking is now needed more than ever.

Our wall beds, otherwise known as murphy beds and hidden beds and mini kitchens are designed and manufactured entirely in Italy, our designers are expert in creating compact designs which maximise the use of your space using furniture technology and state of the art engineering.

Spaceman made in Italy



Below you will find some examples of our space saving products, browse spaceman.com to find our entire range including images, and videos so you can clearly see just why ours are the best wall beds and hidden beds in Singapore. 

So you can maximise your space we offer single, super single, double and queen size beds in both vertical or horizontal (side opening) configurations.

Horizontal wall beds are perfect for a limited space where a vertical wall bed will not fit. Horizontal wall beds open from the side so as to fit a wide but narrow room that a vertically opening wall bed might not be suitable for.

Being horizontally opening means even our sofa beds offer that option, and a horizontally opening sofa bed is a unique feature of this range.


For saving space in the lounge or master bedroom, and ideal for a studio apartment the Slumbershelves is the James Bond of the bed world. With a simple twist your library, with or without large flatscreen TV revolves to reveal a full size queen bed.



The space saving solution for guest rooms, now you can have a study AND a guest room.



Slumberdesk Junior
This is shrewd way to save space in a kid's bedroom, combine a single bed with a large desk.










Sofa beds are not a new space saver, but until now sleeping on a sofa bed whilst saving space has meant compromsing on sleep quality.

Now with our designs you are assured a good night's sleep because we offer you a proper full size bed combined with a luxurious sofa. Great when you're sleeping on the sofa bed every night or have older overnight guests who need a good quality sleeping experience.



Compact kitchens

In recent years, kitchens are getting smaller and open plan kitchen living areas are increasingly popular.

Ideal for these challenges is the Spaceman space saving kitchen range, kitchens designed to fit everything you need into a compact space from only 1.7m up to 2.8m. With a choice of traditional hanging cabinets, or doors/shutters to hide the kitchen completely.

Ready to install the kitchens are made in Italy so there is no need for any complicated or lengthy installations, in fact they can be assembled in only 1-2 hours and do not need to be wall mounted.