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Sofa beds with a difference

Many of us have had a bad experience with a sofa bed.

At worst you sleep on the sofa itself, no mattress, and all the food debris and smells left behind by people who sat on the sofa. At best you have a thin mattress, and are poked all night by the metal of the frame under the mattress.

Good news! Now there is an exclusive range of sofa beds that assure a good nights sleep for you or your guests.

Ultimate sofa bed Slumbersofa Pronto from Spaceman

Slumbersofa Classic sofa bed

For the ultimate combination of bed and sofa choose Slumbersofa Classic sofa bed. We use a Murphy Bed with orthopedic slatted base to offer the benefits of a real bed, combined with a storage sofa with lots of space inside.

We lovingly make every sofa bed to order so you can choose from a plethora of fabrics or upgrade to leather and for the bed you can choose from a variety of mattresses from latex to memory foam.

Slumbersofa Pronto sofa bed

For a simpler solution without a Murphy Bed we offer the unbeatable Slumbersofa Pronto.


The ultimate sofa bed for a comfortable night's sleep

1. It converts from sofa to bed in a matter of seconds - ready in an instant

2. No need to remove the cushions - very quick and convenient to use

3. It comes with a full depth real mattress and orthopedic slatted bed base -  no sleeping on the sofa seat like other sofa beds

4. You can customise the fabric and style

5. Available in single, super single, double and queen size

6. You can even store the pillows inside


Slumbersofa Duo sofa bed

Sofa bunk bedSofa beds are generally used with two people sharing, but what if those individuals are friends or colleagues, sharing a bed may not be a welcome solution.

Slumbersofa Duo sofa bed offers a sofa bed for two sharers - each with their own bunk bed. It's a marvel to behold as the sofa spins into action transforming from sofa to bunk bed in seconds.

Our sofa bunk bed also offers unbeatable levels of comfort with slatted bed bases and real mattresses. Slumbersofa Duo sofa bed incorporates an integrated safety bar and ladder, safety locking system and even the pillows can be stored inside.

Slumbersofa Uno sofa bed

Sofa bed with single mattressThe Slumbersofa Uno sofa bed is unique in it's ability to transform from sofa to bed without needing to move any furniture.

Thanks to it's unique Italian revolving system you simply spin it from sofa to bed, no need to remove the cushions and because the bed occupies the same space as the sofa no need to move anything to be able to open the bed.

Slumbersofa Uno sofa bed is made to order in your choice of fabric, PU or real leather.