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Smart beds save space

In a new condo or apartment you where space is limited your bed needs to work harder. Unlike traditional beds our intelligent multi function beds save you space. Use a smart bed and your home will feel spacious, and comfortable regardless of the size.

So what makes our beds smarter than a conventional bed?

1. Our smart beds fold away to free up space for other purposes such as yoga.

2. Smart beds from Spaceman can be multi purpose, such as a desk combined with a bed, so one space performs more than one function. See the range of smart beds here.

3. Spaceman's smart beds are able to be dismantled and moved so unlike locally made cabinetry they can be moved when you move home offering a smarter long term investment.

4. Our smart beds are smart enough to open and close themselves if you choose remote control. You can also customise these smart beds to your selected finish, with smart cabinetry and options such as fabric headboards etc.

A smart bed from Spaceman saves space