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A loft bed is a traditional way to squeeze a bed and other furniture into a limited space. The disadvantage of a loft bed is the sleeper often feels cocooned since the space between the bed and ceiling is small, and there is a risk of falling from the raised bed.

Loft beds also need high ceilings and are, despite their space saving nature, still large and bulky items.

Now there is an alternative to loft beds, which like loft beds save space, but without the disadvantages. With a Spaceman wall bed you can combine a desk and bed, much like a loft bed, but without filling the room with bulky furniture, or the disadvantages of sleeping high up near the ceiling.


By closing your wall bed you free up alot of space in the room, in some cases 80% of the floor area, so you can use that space for multiple tasks, such as hobbies, relaxing, and socialising.

Spaceman offers a range of wall beds, you can find them here or click the links at the top of the page. Our beds are made in Italy and are available in single, super single, double and queen size.