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Slumbersofa Duo ~ sofa bunk bed

Slumbersofa Duo ~ sofa bunk bed

Slumbersofa Duo ~ sofa bunk bed


Spaceman products made in ItalyThe Slumbersofa Duo sofa bed really is as remarkable and simple as the photos show, a simple spin and this stylish sofa becomes a bunk bed.

And these are no ordinary beds, both come with an orthopedic slatted base and standard mattress. For the best engineering the mechanism is entirely made in Italy, and has an integrated protection rail, ladder and key based locking system.

For added convenience two pillows can be stored inside the sofa.

Made for you
Slumbersofa Duo is available in over 200 fabric, synthetic or real leather covers. If you select one of the fabrics then much of the upholstery can be removed and dry cleaned or replaced.

Easy cleaning
You can choose to upgrade Slumbersofa Duo sofa bed with our "Lift'n Wheel" system, so it can be easily moved around when needed such as for cleaning.


Dimensions (approximate cm):
Depth: 100 closed / 133 open 
Length: 221 - 224
Seat height: 47
Full height (when open): 82
Arm rest thickness: 6.5 or 8

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